Riddick – Film Review


It seems it was only a matter of time before Vin Diesel donned the iconic contact lenses and goggles to reprise the role of the formidable anti-hero Riddick – the character that had a helping hand in kick-starting his career back in 2000’s ‘Pitch Black’. In the latest instalment of the Riddick saga, Vin and director David Twohy have scaled back on the colossal galactic universe they created in 2004’s ‘The Chronicles Of Riddick’ and aimed for a more sombre back-to-basics approach that made the first feature a sufficiently competent sci-fi. Working with a quarter of the budget, the slow paced one-man-journey is a surprisingly nice touch, which allows for some staggeringly visual backdrops and fiendishly entertaining encounters with some unfriendly inhabitants. Riddick even builds a strong companionship with a canine like creature, which makes for some nice comedic elements and empathetic touches. The film unfortunately loses its way towards the in the final act, despite fan favourite Katie Sackhoff (of Battlestar Galactica fame) showing up as a ruthless bounty hunter and potential love interest. The ending feels rushed and unfulfilling in comparison to the strong 1st and 2nd acts. However, despite this, Riddick is a film that will satisfy fans and non-fans respectively, and is a welcome return to the role that defined Vin as a bona-fide action star in Holywood.