Superman’s Henry Cavill vs Deaf Man: Table Ettiquette In Detroit Bar

Superman doesn't take too kindly to bad table manners
Superman doesn’t take too kindly to bad table manners

Henry Cavill does not seem to have the same interchangeable super senses as his on screen persona, as was riotously displayed earlier this year when Superman (quite literally and plot-tingly [in a figurative sense of course]) – came crashing into our screens – leaving no survivors in the collateral damage, due to the neck-braking pace that was a consistently overarching theme in Zack Snyders’ unabashedly colossal uber-smash-hit.

This time there was trouble amongst the capaciously all-you-can-eat-buffet city dwelling locals committing sinful crimes which included; one man – who happened to be deaf – asking Superman to pass him a napkin. A mighty battle of words were exchanged in which Superman was much dismayed by the (gentle)mans bad manners, speaking with his mouth full of tasty grub.

It wasn’t until he was made aware that the man was – in fact deaf, …and that was the reason for the misunderstanding. Superman does not always get it right. FOOD FIGHT.


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