Epic Rap Battles Of History: Steven Spielberg Vs Alfred Hitchcock


That’s a couple of years now that the Epic Rap Battles of History video series has been running for now. The show – which is in its fourth “season” – has the crew concocting simple beats with entertainingly hardcore verbal disses by gift-of-the-gabs, Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist, compounded with an impressive array of make-up and costumes, as the core cast perform as various iconic figures from history to pop to ‘everything else in between’. The latest video sees them pit Steven Spielberg against Alfred Hitchcock in a no-holds-barred showdown. Check the epic rap battle below:

Here’s some making-of footage for the episode, which is pretty impressive. Furthermore, the team started doing the videos couple years back for less that $100 dollars. Now exceeding 10 million viewers for each release, they have a bit more cash to play around with. Check it:

Here is the teams recently released “Ghostbusters vs. the Mythbusters” battle, which is crack’a’lackingly great:

Via – Film


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