Paul Feig On Ghostbusters 3: “I Want Ours To Be Scarier Than The Original”


The Ghostbusters reboot is currently underway now with director Paul Feig keeping the public informed of all the changes that have occurred as of late, creating a lot of controversy through the pre production progression. With original cast members split on the project (Bill Murray being all for it, and Ernie Hudson being against the sassy girl-power remake), the line of demarcation couldn’t be any more noticeable. Now the news is just in that Feig wants the reboot/reimaging/sequel (enter as you see fit…) to come with real scares as well as imbuing it with the fat-girl humour – all this whilst retaining the coveted PG13 rating. Feig talks of his plans in the latest issue of Empire Magazine, and it might have fans of the original, either; banging their heads against the proverbial brick wall, or to take to their keyboards to hurl all kinds of profanity-ridden-abuse towards the Bridesmaids filmmaker. Continue reading


‘Star Trek 3’: Could Roberto Orci Be Replaced By Edgar Wright?

Edgar Wright

Trekkies might have been annoyed about the the prospects of a Star Trek reboot directed by J.J. Abrams back in 2009, but the irony is not lost on them (well, at least I hope it’s not…), as the popularity of the franchise was waning with smaller box office returns after each consequent release of the Star Trek: The Next Generation movies; with the nail hitting the head with the disappointing performance of Star Trek Nemesis. To make matters worse, there was also the cancelation of ‘Enterprise‘ after 3 seasons. So – although the reboot was catered to a wider audience – it was the only way to save the franchise and rejuvenate some, much needed vigour. Subsequently, it turned out to be a good movie; and was a hit with critics and fans alike, therefore it doing its job in successfully piquing a rather blasé audiences’ interest in a dying franchise. Continue reading

Paul Verhoeven’s World of Ultra Violent Science Fiction, …and Showgirls.

Paul Verhoeven on the set of Robocop
Paul Verhoeven on the set of Robocop

Just in time for the new reboot of the much coveted and adorned ultra-violent 80’s classic ‘Robocop’, what better time than now to have an all enveloping, all encompassing look at original director Paul Verhoeven’s career outside of his birthplace. His filmography has inadvertently cemented the director’s position somewhat – as a Sci-Fi auteur – a fan favourite; a name that is championed, due to his satirical take and political underpinnings within the genre. Subsequently, looking at Verhoeven’s North American tentpole produced films – Robocop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct, Showgirls, Starship Troopers and Hollow Man – it may come as a surprise, much to the demise of fans, that Verhoeven has been quite open about the fact that he has never been much of a Science Fiction fan, which is quite hard to believe considering. Continue reading

Review for Vin Diesel’s ‘Riddick’ (Blu-ray)

‘Riddick’ Uncut is released on Blu-ray and DVD today, but is it worth your buck? I weigh the pros and cons of this potentially fiscal dilemma.

Blu-ray cover

Betrayed by his own kind and left for dead on a desolate planet, Riddick fights for survival against alien predators and becomes more powerful and dangerous than ever before. Soon bounty hunters from throughout the galaxy descend on Riddick only to find themselves pawns in his greater scheme for revenge.

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