Tim Burton Offers Up More Information on ‘Beetlejuice 2’, Hinting That “It’s Not A Direct Sequel”


With Tim Burton’s latest movie Big Eyes hitting the big screen this week, he has been doing the obligatory promotional rounds to plug the Christoph Waltz starring vehicle. Thusly, due to Burton’s recent confirmation that he will be helming the sequel to Beetlejuice with his old buddy Michael Keaton – who will be reprising the role of the eponymous exorcist – Burton has been finding himself inundated with questions regarding the long-awaited sequel to the hit 1988 comedy/horror. Continue reading


Frozen Director Apologizes To Parents Who Are Sick Of Hearing “Let It Go”


It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year now since the release of Frozen; for some it will be a distant memory, as all the “Let It Go” cover version cash-ins have stopped deluging the metaphorical pipes of YouTube. However, those with young children haven’t had it as easy. Idina Menzel‘s original version of “Let It Go,” has probably been on constant rotation non-stop since the release of the movie; so, spare them a thought – as it seems that the director Jennifer Lee has done so too. Continue reading

Michael Keaton Floors Every Other Batman With Two Words


Recently, when Christian Bale was asked how he initially felt when he heard about Ben Affleck taking over the role of Batman, he admitted that he harbored some series FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). That’s understandable, as Bale turned in a terrific performance in Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight trilogy (despite the mixed reaction about the gravely voice), and being a method actor, he must have invested a lot of emotionally charged energy into the role of Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego, Batman. Continue reading

Superman’s Henry Cavill vs Deaf Man: Table Ettiquette In Detroit Bar

Superman doesn't take too kindly to bad table manners
Superman doesn’t take too kindly to bad table manners

Henry Cavill does not seem to have the same interchangeable super senses as his on screen persona, as was riotously displayed earlier this year when Superman (quite literally and plot-tingly [in a figurative sense of course]) – came crashing into our screens – leaving no survivors in the collateral damage, due to the neck-braking pace that was a consistently overarching theme in Zack Snyders’ unabashedly colossal uber-smash-hit. Continue reading