‘Star Trek 3’: Could Roberto Orci Be Replaced By Edgar Wright?

Edgar Wright

Trekkies might have been annoyed about the the prospects of a Star Trek reboot directed by J.J. Abrams back in 2009, but the irony is not lost on them (well, at least I hope it’s not…), as the popularity of the franchise was waning with smaller box office returns after each consequent release of the Star Trek: The Next Generation movies; with the nail hitting the head with the disappointing performance of Star Trek Nemesis. To make matters worse, there was also the cancelation of ‘Enterprise‘ after 3 seasons. So – although the reboot was catered to a wider audience – it was the only way to save the franchise and rejuvenate some, much needed vigour. Subsequently, it turned out to be a good movie; and was a hit with critics and fans alike, therefore it doing its job in successfully piquing a rather blasé audiences’ interest in a dying franchise. Continue reading